CNI - Complete Networks Inc.

Functional Test Systems

Complete Networks is experienced in the design and production of functional test and measurement systems. CNI has integrated systems using hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Cargo Handling

The Cargo Handling test station is designed for the evaluation of control units used to configure and place pallets on a cargo plane. The test station creates a simulated work environment to verify if the control units are functioning correctly. Failures can be quickly identified and prepared for repair.
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Umate IIA

Umate IIA is a functional test station used to evaluate generators from airplanes that have been returned for repair. It is capable of producing variable AC and DC voltages allowing for multiple test environments and conditions. The system self test and unit under test calibration provide consistent performance and accurate results.
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PS Tester

Functional Test System designed to provide the unit under test (UUT) stimuli for a line of similar products and determine the UUT pass/fail performance. Test results are displayed, printed out, stored, and provided for remote access.
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Mechanical Tester

The Mechanical test station is designed for the evaluation of the Autopilot (A/P) Servomotor and Variable Lever Arm (VLA) assemblies. The test station provides the command and response interface to the electro-mechanical connections to the units under test.
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