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Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is the sampling of the real world to generate data that can be manipulated by a computer. Data acquisition systems include appropriate sensors that convert any physical parameter to an electrical signal. The hardware generally consists of electronic components, sensors and cables while the software is made of the data acquisition logic and the analysis software.

IWS - Integrated Wheel Set System

The IWS is a PXI based data acquisition system that is designed to receive 16 or 32 strain gage inputs from 1 or 2 train car wheel sets. The inputs are combined using algorithms to provide outputs that are a measure of various combinations of vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces on the wheels.
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LMDAS - Data Acquisition System

The LMDAS is a single bay VXI based data acquisition system designed to provide measurement capabilities for 48 thermocouples, 64 voltage measurements, 56 strain gage channels and a tachometer channel. Sensor measurements are acquired and stored in real time. The strain gage and voltage channels can be sampled at rates up to 40KHz. LMDAS allows essential data output required by the user to be quickly compiled, edited and exported.
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HSDAS - High Speed Data Acquisition System

Complete Network’s High Speed Data Acquisition System is a state-of-the art solution for acquiring and recording 24 analog channels and converting them to digital using VXI Technology’s 1433B Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converters. With 16-Bit resolution and 196 Kilosamples/ per second/ per channel, the HSDAS represents cutting edge technology that delivers solid performance. The HSDAS features a user-friendly graphical interface and real-time displays of each individual channel.
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DAQFE - Data Acquisition System

DAQFE is a high speed data acquisition system that utilizes fiber optic and copper LAN technology for data transfers. The system is designed to have a large number of channels with minimal latency and no data loss.
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PC104 - Data Acquisition System

The PC104 unit was designed and used for general purpose measurement and test. A typical application monitors sensors to facilitate control of motors and relays in a semi-automatic test environment. The Ethernet connection provides a mechanism for uploading test results to a centralized database.
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